Library Memories from Shelley Irwin

Enjoy this post from WGVU Morning Show Host Shelley Irwin:

As a child, I read. And as a competitive first-born child, I entered the summer reading contests,and made the weekly trips to the library for book exchanges. Funny, I don’t remember a ceremonial “winning,” albeit maybe an 8 x 10 certificate… but I do remember the “doing”: the reading… in the car, at the table, in my purple bedroom.

I date myself, but reading the works of Beverly Cleary (Ramona and Henry rule!) and Laura Ingalls is a very strong memory.  I so enjoyed reading simple historical autobiographies — Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman and Daniel Boone stand out. Autobiographies and history still interest me today, plus I’ve had the opportunity to interview Beverly Cleary. Score!

Thus I believe in the power of a good read, a good library, and still must get my fix with the real deal… the book with real pages. Yes, today’s libraries do serve in unique ways, the digital world well immersed from checking out a book to a lengthy research project done in pajama attire.

But thanks to the operations of KDL, including their summer reading incentives and more, another young competitive first-born is reaching for a book by Beverly Cleary or reading the history of Harriet Tubman, making his or her own memories. But I wonder if the purple bedroom is still “in?”

Stay the course, KDL!

Shelley Irwin is one of the featured guests at our upcoming Book Bash, taking place at the KDL Service Center April 26 – 28. Find out all the details at

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