Genealogy Wiki: Record Selection Tables

CompassSince recently changed the layout of its site, this is a good time to spend time poking around.  One area I haven’t used much is the research wiki. As you probably know, a wiki is a site that can be updated or added to by anyone (at least if you have registered). This wiki has a few primary categories: Beginning Genealogy, Find Records by Place and Research tools. Each category has many different articles by topic.

While checking out the Research tools, I came across something I had not heard of before: Record Selection Tables. A Record Selection table is a guide to help determine what records to search for specific information. At this time, there are 10 different tables based on region. So if you are looking for someone’s maiden name in the U.S., there is a list of record types that might provide that information. Each record is then linked to the wiki entry.

Let us know in the comments if you give these tables a try!


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