Videogame Survey

As many of you know, KDL has a collection of ps2 games at our branches for you to check out. We have been carrying these games for over a year now and they are really popular (and free!)

If you’d like to see some of the games we offer, check our catalog here.

Since these games are so popular we decided to survey our patrons to see if there are other types of games you would like us to carry in our branches.

Stop in at your local branch to fill out a survey or tell us your answers here in the comments section.

  • What video game system(s) do you own?
  • Should KDL offer other types of games in addition to ps2?
  • If so, what kinds?
  • What specific titles are your favorites?
  • Any other comments/suggestions?

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Written by Morgan D.

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One Response to “Videogame Survey”

  1. Shounak Says:

    I think it would be helpful if the survey were posted online.