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Jump-start Action SongsMusic is a great way to get the wiggles out! It’s great seeing kids get excited about dancing to their favorite songs. Music and movement help young brains build connections, but music can also help kids learn to stop moving!

STOP can be a hard word to teach excited little ones, and all too often it’s a word they really don’t want to hear. Self-regulating is the ability to make your body listen to your brain, and to the requests of those around you. Using Freeze songs is a great way to practice stopping and starting on cue. It can also become a fun way to get young children to pay attention to important words, like “Stop,” “Wait” or “Freeze,” when they become a little too revved up during movement activities, or just day-to-day events.

Some great songs to use include:

“I Can Dance” by Ronno
“Can’t Wait to Celebrate” by Jim Gill
“Bop & Stop” by Merry Music Maker
“Freeze” or “Stop & Go” by Greg & Steve

Any song can be used to play freeze games, though. Fast moving classical songs, or even rock & roll, can be paused for great freeze-song fun!



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