Best Websites 2013

Many of us tend to visit the same websites every day: email, Facebook, the news, KDL :-), etc. But sometimes it’s nice to see what else is out there in cyber-land, especially when the sites come recommended. Time Magazine publishes an annual list of Best Websites, and the 2013 update came out recently.

Not quite sure you want to use Google Drive for your documents? Try Microsoft’s Office Web Apps. Looking for a free photo editing service? Give Pixlr a try. Curious about just about everything? Try the web version of the magazine Mental Floss. (Several KDL branches carry the print version of this magazine, and KDL cardholders can also access the full magazine through Zinio!) And finally, do you sometimes wonder if you’ve allowed certain social media and other websites to know too much about you? Try MyPermissions to find out just how much you’ve shared.

These are just a few of many fun and useful sites to explore. Have fun poking through the list!

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