Local Indie Spotlight: Charles Fry

LocalIndieBeing a Kid… by Charles Fry (full title: Being a Kid in the Midwestern Town of White Cloud, MI (Population 800): Snapshots into the Life of Charles Fry (Born 1929) During the First Ten Years of His Life — and Beyond)

I really enjoyed this collection of reminiscences that Fry wrote first for his own family, but now has shared with the rest of us. Each short memory is a funny, honest and delightful window on life in the 1930s, both on a dairy farm and in a small town. When times were tight, Charles and his three older brothers invented daring and humorous ways to have fun, and found creative ways to earn spending money, too. How Charles gets into the circus for free, or how he gains fame delivering the Press, are just a few examples of this fun read.

Fry’s book is part of the Local Indie @ KDL collection, housed at the Cascade Township and Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branches. It was created to give independent authors, filmmakers and musicians the opportunity to be added to our shelves and to be featured by staff in order to increase viewers, readers and listeners.

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(Reviewed by Deb at the Cascade Township Branch of Kent District Library)


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