View the Michigan Heart Gallery at KDL


The Michigan Heart Gallery is a photographic display of children in the foster care system that are available for adoption.  The kids featured in the gallery are among more than 4,000 in Michigan who do not have families of their own.  Many of them are older children who have lived with abuse or neglect, have medical issues or are in need of special help.

The main exhibit will be housed at the Wyoming Branch and smaller exhibits will also be available at the Krause Memorial Branch and the Sand Lake/Nelson Township Branch from Wednesday, February 20 to Wednesday, March 12.

For more information on this amazing exhibit and the organizations sponsoring it, please visit the Michigan Heart Gallery Website.

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Written by Denise

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6 Responses to “View the Michigan Heart Gallery at KDL”

  1. Beth Fiedor Says:

    This will really bring alot of children needing good homes into the limelight. Alot of Americans are going out of this country to find children when we have so many who have needs right here. Good job.
    This came to our families attention we just found out that 6 of my husbands Aunts & Uncles were pulled out of the home & now have a need to find each other. So I say good job!!!
    Sincerely Beth F.

  2. Jinx Matesfield Says:

    I am excited to see it. Thanks for the nice comments Beth.

  3. Molly Says:

    I don’t even get what you guys are trying to do! It sounds good but we don’t know why it is even up there!

  4. Kari Says:

    That is really cool! I feel for those poor kids who can’t defend themselves. Thank you for helping!

  5. Denise Says:

    I noticed that someone asked about the purpose of the Heart Gallery. The following is information from the Michigan Heart Gallery Coordinator:

    “The Michigan Heart Gallery exhibit helps to increase awareness and possibly ignite a spark in someone who has been thinking about adoption but has never taken the first step – or someone who never even knew something was missing from their life until they saw the face of one of the Heart Gallery kids.
    “The Heart Gallery is used to increase awareness about adoption and to recruit families for these children. The exhibit reaches out to prospective adoptive parents and the community providing a beautiful way to learn about foster care and adoption. Therefore, the main mission of the Heart Gallery is to ensure that thousands of people in Michigan are exposed to the Heart Gallery and most importantly have increased knowledge about the children who are waiting for a family.”

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments and for your support of this heart-warming endeavor.

    ~Denise – KDL Program and Outreach

  6. Shawn Bultsma Says:

    Those who would like more information on the Heart Gallery are welcomed to contact the Adoptive Family Support Network ( This organization was established to support the lifelong well-being of adoptive families in West Michigan. AFSN will be hosting the premiere of the Heart Gallery in West Michigan at Exhibit Design Consultants on February 19 from 7pm-9pm. Contact for more information.
    Shawn Bultsma-AFSN Board Member and Adoptive Parent