Local Indie Spotlight: Tanya Eby

Pepper Wellington CoverI chose to read Grand Rapids author Tanya Eby’s short novel Pepper Wellington: And the Case of the Missing Sausage because the title definitely grabbed my attention! This fun read feels sort of like a mix between Janet Evanovich and Agatha Christie.

Pepper Wellington is a fun-loving woman who named her daughter Sausage (yep—you read that right!). Poor Sausage hates her name and just wants to be ordinary. She changes her name to Amy, finds a nice, boring man to marry and tries to forget all about her interesting mother and her passionate first love, Graham. But the night before her wedding, people start dying one by one and the wedding party, along with the reader, tries to figure out whodunit, while at the same time Amy—or Sausage—tries to figure out who she really wants to be. This novel is a quick read packed with mystery, romance, quirkiness and humor. I even found myself laughing out loud on a couple occasions, which is rare for me!

This book is part of the new Local Indie @ KDL collection at the Cascade and Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branches that features authors and musicians from Grand Rapids and the surrounding area.  Stop in and check Eby’s book out or place it on hold from our catalog.

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