Loving the Second in the Series

I love reading the first book in the series.  Everything is new and fresh and I getCrown of Midnight to meet all these wonderful new characters.  But sometimes the second book in the series doesn’t quite live up to my own expectations (and I’m not naming names!)  So to put your mind at easy about a few series…

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas, second book in the Throne of Glass series. Celaena is forced to do the King’s bidding as his champion, but she still tries to do things her own way. When a friend from her past is marked as her next target, Celaena does everything she can to find out if there really is a treason plot before completing her task. Overall a great The Song of the Quarkbeastfollow-up book!  The storyline (and romance) is moving forward and there is a brief glimpse into Celaena’s mysterious past!

The Song of the Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde, follow-up to The Last Dragonslayer.  If you loved the quirky humor from the first book, you will not be disappointed!  However, there are no dragons in this one. But Jennifer Strange is still struggling Rose under Fireto keep Kazam going and an out-of-control spell and unfriendly competition doesn’t help.

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein, companion book to Code Name Verity. First, let me say that if you haven’t read Code Name Verity, go do that immediately! Since Rose Under Fire doesn’t come out until September, I will keep it short. While the second book doesn’t have the mysterious first half, the book is very compelling.  And it does stand on its own, if the first book wasn’t read first.



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Beth is a Librarian at the Gaines Township branch of KDL. She really loves reading, especially all the wonderful teen books, but also enjoys genealogy and crafts!

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