TV Series Debut Wrap-up

Now that spring has officially ended and summer television programming has begun in earnest, it provides us with a great opportunity to look back at the fall/spring season of television and highlight shows that debuted with their first season.

The Mindy Project – From the hilarious mind of Mindy Kaling (better known as Kelly from The Office), The Mindy Project follows a successful single doctor living in New York City. The main premise of this laugh-out-loud show is watching Mindy trying to balance a successful career with a not-so-successful dating life. Mindy is smart, lovable, quick-witted, quirky, brutally honest, awkward, fashion conscious, a good friend, a bad friend, sometimes religious, independent… and the list goes on. In a nutshell, she is a realistic and rounded character with believable flaws, which makes her a very relatable and fun character. If you love sitcoms with witty dialogue and great characters, this is a show worth checking out.


Nashville – A typical ABC drama set in the high-stakes world of country music in Nashville. This fast-paced drama focuses on two country music stars, one aging and in the twilight of her career and one just starting out. Although the music takes a backseat to the drama and relationships of its characters, there is some music I am told is pretty good, for country music. If you’re wondering whether or not to take the plunge, think Grey’s Anatomy but in Nashville, and switch surgical supplies with guitars.



House of Cards – An innovative series starring Kevin Spacey as a corrupt congressman who doesn’t mind getting his hands a bit dirty (metaphorically, of course) to get the power he thinks he deserves. Following in the footsteps of other flawed main characters such as Tony Soprano from The Sopranos or Walter White from Breaking Bad, Spacey’s character can be just as nasty and yet has the audience surprisingly on his side. Initially released all at once on Netflix as a streaming-only show to much success and critical acclaim, some predict House of Cards to be a trailblazer in distribution. With other big shots on board such as David Fincher, it may just live up to the hype.


Arrow – Based on the comic Green ArrowArrow follows a billionaire playboy who fights evil and corruption with, you guessed it, a bow and arrow. Jam-packed with action and a handsome cast, Arrow is aimed at young adults. Even a glance at the show’s premise is sure to bring back memories of the fated NBC show The Cape, which only lasted 10 episodes. Whether it is the fast-paced nature of the show or the chiseled abs of the main actor, Arrow has been confirmed for at least one more season (only time will tell if #sixseasonsandamovie is in the realm of possibility for this one).


These four shows have either already been released on DVD or are available for hold through our library catalog.


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