Mother Goose Rocks

I have to admit, I am hooked on Mother Goose Rocks. There are several volumes of Mother Goose Rocks to choose from and they are all excellent. The songs are parodies of popular pop songs with Mother Goose rhyme lyrics. Kids know this music is cool and they will be jamming in the car. Parents will happily humming along to these catchy tunes. They will also have fun trying to remember the names of the groups that sing the original songs. Mother Goose Rocks tunes are covered by groups and individuals with remarkably similar names. J My favorites include Rub A Dub Dub by The Nice Girls originally a popular tune by The Spice Girls which can be found on volume I and Baby Bumblebee by Gum 21 originally a song by Sum 21. These tunes had me laughing in my car and humming the tunes in my head throughout the day. This is the perfect for the parent who wants to play music for their child but doesn’t want any of the sing-songy folk music widely available. Check out their website:  

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