New Teen Horror Booklist

Are you looking for a good scary story? But maybe you want one that doesn’t have vampires, werewolves or zombies in it. If so, then do we have the booklist for you! Our new Teen Horror booklist contains 15 books that are fairly new and pretty frightening. A lot of these books have ghosts or other paranormal activity as the main fear factor. So if you feel like you need a good scare without all the blood, gore, vampires and zombie madness, I highly recommend checking out one of these titles.

One book I read from the list is Daylight Saving by Edward Hogan. It was an interesting ghost story about an English teenager who is forced to go with his dad to this huge sports complex to spend some quality time together. However, upon arrival he meets a mysterious girl and every time he meets her it seems her bruises and cuts keep getting worse instead of better, and she is always alone. A nice quick teen read.


BeyondThe MurmuringsDaylight Saving


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