Teen Tech Week March 2-8

Are you stumped about what “new” thing you can do for Teen Tech Week this year? Why not try downloading an eBook or eAudiobook from KDL’s eLibrary? There are many Teen titles available for download and you can transfer them straight to your mp3 player. Some titles can even be burned onto CD.

Or how about a really fun activity? The following instructions are for an online activity called “CD Cover Meme”. They take you through step-by-step to creating your very own CD cover.

1. Go to the Wikipedia Random Article page. The name of the article will be the name of your band.

2. Go to the Random Quotes page from Quotationspage.com. The name of your album is taken from the last four words of the final quotation on the page.

3.  Go to the Interesting Photos from the Last Seven Days page from flickr. The third image will be used as your album artwork.

4. Use Photoshop or an online photo editing program like Picnik or Splashup to create your album cover.

Here is my finished product:

Album Cover

Post a link to your album cover in the comments section!  See what other people have done by searching the flickr tag cdcovermeme.

Enjoy Teen Tech Week! If you don’t choose one of the 2 above activities, let us know what you are going to do instead!

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