From the Director: The Card with the Best Rewards

Lance WernerWhether your child is in elementary or secondary school, or you’re attending college or technical school, your No. 1 back-to-school supply should be a KDL card. We offer access to important educational resources — not just books, but online databases filled with credible information that teachers and professors favor — and librarians to help you find, evaluate and use that information.

A new study of undergraduates found that nearly 40 percent of those surveyed began their research process with a search engine, and more than half those students cited the overwhelming amount of information as contributing to their feeling of lack of preparation.

Author Neil Gaiman said it best: “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers; a librarian can bring you back the right one.” Getting information is easy, but getting the right information takes practice. We’ve had 77 years of practice.


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Written by Lance Werner

Lance Werner

Lance Werner is the director of Kent District Library, the state’s second largest public library system. Before coming to KDL, he served as director of the Capital Area District Library in Lansing, and as Library Law Specialist at the Library of Michigan. He lives in Rockford, Michigan with his wife and four children.

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