Freegal Music Update

Regular users of our Freegal Music service may have noticed that the Freegal website looks a little different today. Freegal has launched a number of new updates, including:

  • A brand-new look as well as an updated search engine
  • More content from your favorite artists, with millions of songs available
  • Browse the new website at without logging in, and send links to individual songs to your friends (login still required to download songs)
  • Download your favorite music videos as well as song files (note that a video will count as 2 of your 3 allotted downloads for the week)
  • Create a wishlist of songs you may want to download in the future
  • Backup songs downloaded from the Freegal app into iTunes
  • Delete songs from the Freegal app to save memory on your mobile device

Freegal Update

Not familiar with Freegal? This is an awesome service that allows KDL cardholders to download 3 songs per week, completely free! The MP3 files are yours to keep — they will never expire or disappear. Check it out today at!


Written by Sheri


Sheri is the Kent District Library ILS & Electronic Resources Coordinator. She loves KDL’s eBook collection and her NOOK because they allow her to fit a whole stack of books in her purse to take with her wherever she goes.

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2 Responses to “Freegal Music Update”

  1. Carl De Jong Says:

    I use Freegal every week. This update is not an improvement. I use Windows 7 and Firefox. Took longer to where I wanted to go, could not see as much on the screen at one time, and only 1 out of 3 downloads were successful on the first try.

  2. Sheri Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the new site, Carl. Did the unsuccessful downloads give you any sort of error message that I can pass along to the tech support team at Freegal?

    KDL Webmaster