The New 52: Superhero Redux

I have always enjoyed Batman, especially when Christopher Nolan re-launched the Batman films. But I never really got into the graphic novels because I thought the storylines might be so confusing or convoluted with past character interactions and story plots that I would be out of the loop.

However, DC Comics, the creators of iconic super heroes such as Batman, Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman, have decided to relaunch their entire line of graphic novels. The revamping of the storylines is called The New 52 and began in 2011 with the Justice League. While I just discovered The New 52 a week ago, I have been really impressed with the artwork and storylines of the few graphic novels I have read. I have read voraciously the first volumes of Batman, Batman Dark Night, Batgirl, Green Arrow and am about to start reading Batwoman and Catwoman once my holds come in.  So if you have ever had any interest in reading your favorite superhero graphic novels but had been put off, now is your chance to start while the storylines have started over.



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