Mom, Daughter Team Up for Teen Tale

Popular adult realistic fiction author Jodi Picoult was on book tour in Los Angeles when her telephone rang. It was her daughter, Samantha, who said, “I think I have a pretty good idea for a book.”

The resulting collaboration, Between the Lines: A Novel, is a happily-ever-after fairy tale retold for teens. Similar to Picoult’s adult novels, this story is told in chapters alternating between book character Prince Oliver and loner, 15-year-old Delilah. According to Picoult’s website, daughter Samantha asked her mom these questions:

What if the characters in a book had lives of their own, after the cover was closed? What if the act of reading was just these characters performing a play, over and over… but those characters still had dreams, hopes, wishes, and aspirations beyond the roles they acted out on a daily basis for the reader? And what if one of those characters desperately wanted get out of his book?

Better yet, what if one of his readers fell in love with him, and decided to help?

“Mom,” Sammy said, as I languished in Los Angeles traffic. “What if we wrote the book together?”

“Okay,” I told her, “but that means we’re writing it. Not me.”

If you’re a fan of fairy tales retold, check out this booklist of other modern retellings.

Here are some reviews of this new book by Jodi Picoult and her daughter, Samantha Van Leer.


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