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Band BooksKDL is celebrating music with Band Books @ the Library: Music Makers at many branches this season. Creating instruments with young children is a great way to explore sound and music. So many fun sounds can be created using objects found around the house.

Explore the sound of a rubber band twanging, the sound of pots and pans crashing and even the soft swooshing of a heartbeat. Talk about the sounds made using other onomatopoeic words that create associations with the sounds they make.

What word would you use to describe the sound of fingernails zipping across the teeth of a comb? Or the sound of blowing across an open bottle?

Try different items in an empty plastic jar to create shaker instruments. Rice or beans will create a mellow, soothing sound. Pennies or pop can tabs will create a louder, jangling noise. Be sure to talk about the differences as you play. Experimenting with sound and vocabulary gets children excited to learn about the world around them.

Be sure to check KDL’s Events Calendar www.kdl.org/events  to find a Music Makers program near you.

— Sara M. at KDL’s Sand Lake / Nelson Township branch



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