Join the Monstrumologist for Halloween

Halloween is truly a great holiday. On no other day is it as acceptable to celebrate all things scary. Whether it’s Michael Myers with a knife and hockey mask in Halloween or killer zombies with one thing on their “minds” in Night of the Living Dead, Halloween is a true celebration of all things weird and scary. In that tradition, The Monstrumologist book series by Rick Yancey fits right into the twisted cannon of October 31 thrills and chills.

The Monstrumologist series follows an eccentric scientist named Pellinore Warthrop and his orphaned apprentice, Will Henry, as they study things that go bump in the night — better explained as monsters. These monsters aren’t just your run-of-the-mill friendly-make-you-laugh monsters either; Warthrop and Henry keep readers on the edge of their seats by digging for monsters that devour humans in a few bites and chasing monsters that create nests out of human remains (grossed out yet?). Despite all the blood, gore, toe-curling descriptions of things no longer alive and moments that demand to be read with the lights on, the true story lies with the characters. Pellinore Warthrop is as peculiar and brilliant as they come, (think House but with less regard for living things) and poor Will Henry is thrust into a situation that is almost too unbelievable and dangerous to be true. An odd couple, to be sure, but one that works and will keep readers fully invested until they finish the final book.

The Monstrumologist series is Guys Reads approved.



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