Local Indie Spotlight: Recoil Volume 1

RecoilFans of The Onion will enjoy this satirical collection of fake newspaper articles. Recoil is based in West Michigan; the entertainment magazine has been published monthly since 2001. It is full of imaginative and witty articles, ranging from worldwide headlines, editorial, sports, health, music, science and business. Just looking at some of the titles of the articles will give you a good feel for the book, such as “Report: 78 percent of angry teens too lazy to run away from home,” or “Man strains back applying back pain cream.” Not only does it have “news” articles, it also has spoof guides such as airplane etiquette, or the recoil guide to writing a screenplay. It also includes horoscopes, self-help sections and advice columns. This is well worth a browse and will most likely bring a smile to your face and probably even a chuckle or two.

Recoil: News Satire You Can Trust, Volume 1 is part of the Local Indie @ KDL collection, housed at the Cascade Township and Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branches. It was created to give independent authors, filmmakers and musicians the opportunity to be added to our shelves and to be featured by staff in order to increase viewers, readers and listeners.

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