Rock & Roll Fans, Listen Before You Vote

Instead of just listening, music fans currently have a chance to be heard themselves. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame recently announced its list of Nominees for 2014 and is asking the public to vote for up to 5 of the nominees. KDL is a good source to explore the music of this year’s nominees! Here are just a few examples:

Linda Ronstadt, who recently opened up about having Parkinson’s Disease as well as publishing her memoir Simple Dreams, has been nominated.

LL Cool J has also been nominated. He has stayed active since his first release in 1985, putting out Authentic just this year.

Nirvana has been nominated in their first year of eligibility, 25 years after their first release. However, it was Nevermind that really opened the way for them and other indie artists.

And don’t forget about Freegal and the chance to download tracks, such as the classic “Rumble” from nominee Link Wray. It was this guitar instrumental that inspired many guitar greats who followed.

So explore, listen and enjoy the music before you vote!


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Pete is a librarian at the Kentwood (Richard L. Root) Branch, but has also worked at the EGR and Cascade branches. Blogs about music and nature are not uncommon from Pete, as he enjoys spending time with both as much as he can.

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One Response to “Rock & Roll Fans, Listen Before You Vote”

  1. samuel kramer Says:

    Ronstadt had the most gorgeous set of pipes in the rock era. The nomination was decades overdue. I’m voting for her and maybe a couple of the hard rockers. Linda doesn’t seem to care about this silly institution all the more reason to love her. Enjoyed the memoir -interesting life of song. Her reticence in talking about her private life is so unusual these days and may prove frustrating for some but I found it refreshing.