Local Indie Spotlight: Robb N. Johnston

wood cutterThe Woodcutter and the Most Beautiful Tree by Robb N. Johnston
In this picture book, The Most Beautiful Tree has discovered ways of outsmarting the singing woodcutter from chopping him down through the seasons, but when winter arrives, what can the tree do to survive? This book was written and illustrated by Robb N. Johnston, who resides in Rockford and was inspired to write this story during his time teaching English in Japan. What is really fantastic about this book are the illustrations. Not only does the woodsman have a textured, wooly sweater, the tree has captivating, graphic foliage all year round. The author and illustrator has used a variety of mediums in his illustrations that bring the book to life, and also in the hearts of the readers. It is no surprise that he was inspired by the culture of Japan; his images are reminiscent of the work of Japanese artists today.
This book is best suited for children older than 5, but can be enjoyed by adults.

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Reviewed by Emily at the Cascade Township Branch


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