Teen Filmmaker Festival Winners Announced

The 2nd Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival was a great success.  More than 30 teens exercised their creative control to dazzle the judges and festival attendees with movies that made us laugh, cry, and think about our history.  If you’d like to see some of the entries in this year’s contest, go to this page on the KDL website… Teen Film
Festival winners

Keep those camera’s rolling and you too could have a chance to win our 3rd Annual Teen Filmmaker contest next year!

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Written by Kelaine


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3 Responses to “Teen Filmmaker Festival Winners Announced”

  1. Jean Williams Says:

    The “10 Reasons . . . ” was a dynamite production!
    I am an all round movie buff, and I enjoyed it so much!
    I can guess how much background work went into it, and the “team” deserves mucho plaudits!

    I look forward to more from you!

  2. Cameron Says:

    This was a ton of fun… my bro made Indiana Jones and the Golden Idol, I think he did a great job. Also really liked “10 Reasons We’re Mature Enough for High School”… hilarious! 😀

  3. Christina Says:

    I actually did not like the ten reasons we’re mature enough for high school. I think that it was a bit choppy and didn’t flow as well as it could have. The kids who made it did look like they were having fun, but it didn’t capture my attention. I cringed a bit as I watched it. I did enjoy the lego flick in the animated feature bit. Very entertaining.