New Language Learning Resource for Kids

Little PimMany of you may be familiar with our popular Mango Languages resource that offers KDL cardholders free language learning courses for 61 foreign and 18 ESL languages. Thanks to generous donations to KDL, we’ve now also added Little Pim, which is powered by Mango but designed specifically for children. Little Pim is a fun and convenient way to introduce a child to a foreign language in a way they can understand and enjoy. Courses are available in nine foreign languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish) as well as English/ESL. 

Each language is taught via a series of videos led by an adorable panda teacher (“Little Pim”) and features native speakers, excellent pacing, activities and concept groupings to make the language learning process fun and easy:

Little Pim


Try it out now: (At the Mango launch screen, just scroll down and click Quick Start if you just want to take a look and don’t want to set up a login to save your progress.)


Written by Sheri


Sheri is the Kent District Library ILS & Electronic Resources Coordinator. She loves KDL’s eBook collection and her NOOK because they allow her to fit a whole stack of books in her purse to take with her wherever she goes.

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