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As the last chill of snow swirls away in the gust of March winds, many will reach for a cup of coffee to revive them. It is no wonder that March is Caffeine Awareness Month, and that the daily craving enhances the mood and personality of those who endulge in a hot coffee. To understand the influence of this hot beverage on human cravings, what better book to read than Starbucked or The Daily Fix.

Starbucked     The Daily Fix       A Cup of Friendship       Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty

Both of these books will delve into the tale of caffeine, routines,slumps, culture, and the commerce of coffee.

For even more interesting tidbits on coffee, take a grind at who first introduced coffee to the world. Legend has it that goats enjoyed eating the berries, and the caffeine buzz made them dance! If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, sit back and read A Cup of Friendship or Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty.  All in all, take a moment to enjoy a cup of joe, and welcome spring as it bursts forth this month.


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Deb is a Library Assistant at the KDL Alto branch. She is an avid athlete, enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys the advantage of eBooks on her iPhone because it allows her to read and bike at the same time.

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