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Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing SongMay is a great month to celebrate rhythm and music. Save all those left-over plastic Easter eggs and put them to good use as maracas and shaker instruments. Choose some interesting ingredients for filler, like dried rice, pasta, beans, gravel, metal pop can tabs or even sand. Fill each egg with a different substance to make a unique sound, then seal with hot glue or clear adhesive tape. For older children, try filling two eggs with each substance to create a matching game! See if your child can identify which eggs sound the same. Eggs can easily be stored in an egg carton.

Have your child copy your movements as you sing this fun shaker egg song to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down:


Can you shake along with me?

Can you shake your eggs with me,
Eggs with me, Eggs with me?
Can you shake your eggs with me?
It’s so easy!

Place your shaker on your knee,
On your knee, on your knee.
Place your shaker on your knee,
It’s so easy! (Add as many verses as you like, using the same pattern.)

For even more fun, try a selection of children’s music to add to your shaker egg activities:

–Sara M. at KDL’s Sand Lake Branch


Happy Mother’s Day!

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