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Milling AroundSince I started keeping chickens seven years ago, many others have too, or at the very least have given it some thought. I remember the day I was looking at the Murray McMurray website, creating my order for 25 day-old chicks. I finally narrowed it down to three different breeds, and now all I had to do was hit the “submit order” button. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked myself. “This is going to change your life,” I thought. Well, I submitted the order and in April of 2007, I picked up 27 peeping fuzzballs at the post office. And, yes, my life was changed.

The best and most important advice I can give is “Do Your Homework!” READ books, magazines and blogs. TALK to folks who have already taken the plunge, and learn from their mistakes.


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Sara is the Adult Parapro at KDL’s Caledonia Township Branch. When she is not helping library patrons or reading, she is playing with her chickens, chasing the chickens out of her garden, and waiting for the chicken poop to compost so she can use it as fertilizer.

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