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With the warmth of Spring comes lots of fun things to do outside with small children. Take advantage of a windy or wet day to talk about the weather. Is it windy, cloudy, sunny or wet outside? Is it warm or cool? Have fun making simple weather crafts with recycled materials from around the house. Plastic grocery bags make wonderful kites and parachutes. Empty plastic bottles can be turned into rain gauges. When the fun is done, simply toss the materials into your recycling bin.


  • plastic grocery bags
  • plastic pop bottles
  • tape
  • string or yarn
  • permanent marker
  • scissors



Make a simple kite by tying a piece of string to each handle of a grocery bag. Tie the two pieces of string together with a knot about 12 inches from the end of the handles. Attach a long piece of string to the point where the two strings meet. Take the kite outside on a windy day to see if you can get the kite to fly.


Tape together the two handles of a plastic grocery bag. Use tape to secure small objects such as sticks to the joint where the two handles meet. Stand on a raised deck or playground equipment to release the parachutes so that they float to the ground. Experiment by attaching several parachutes to heavier items such as small toy cars to see if you can make them float slowly to the ground.

Rain Gauge

Cut the bottom 4 inches off a plastic pop bottle. Use a permanent marker to mark one inch increments on the side of the plastic bottle. Set the bottle in an open space with the open end pointed up.  Check the gauge the next time it rains to see how much rain has fallen.

–Anjie G. at KDL’s Walker Branch



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