Early Lit Bits: Music Minute — The Sounds of the Season

Baby Einstein Baby BachSpring gives us gentle breezes and gusting winds. It’s a great time of the year to talk about sounds and music in nature.

Talk about the songs birds sing, and point out the way the wind blows the trees. Ask children to sway like a tree when they listen to music. Use scarves and ribbons to wave through the air like a kite in the wind.

Listen to the sound of the wind as it blows. Try to mimic the whistling sound by blowing over a bottle top. Have children try too. To improve this skill, have children practice blowing lots of bubbles.

Orchestral instruments often imitate sounds from nature in classical music. Which parts of the music sound like rain and wind? Do the bass drums sound like thunder?

Enjoy KDL’s collection of classical children’s music and talk about how weather is depicted in the music with children.

–Sara M. at KDL’s Sand Lake/Nelson Township Branch



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Ali is a Collection Development Paraprofessional at KDL. She loves cookbooks and memoirs.

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