Clearing Up Library Boundaries

Local libraries have been getting a lot of media attention recently as we are all struggling to provide great service with less funding. Many West Michigan residents may be unsure which library system is which. We understand that library boundaries can be a bit confusing.

Like school districts, library residency is based on where you live and pay property taxes. KDL serves over 395,000 residents from all areas of Kent County except the cities of Grand Rapids and Cedar Springs, the village of Sparta, and Solon and Sparta townships. Residents of those areas are served by our neighbor libraries.

In the last three years, KDL has cut over $1.6 million in our expenses in order to continue living within our means. To do so, we’ve reduced staffing costs by not replacing certain positions, we’ve reduced our collection budget and deferred much needed technology upgrades, but KDL has not laid off any staff.

Use the map below to get a more clear understanding of KDL’s service area, and please let us know if you have any questions. Click the map to increase its size:

KDL Service Area


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Written by Lance Werner

Lance Werner

Lance Werner is the director of Kent District Library, the state’s second largest public library system. Before coming to KDL, he served as director of the Capital Area District Library in Lansing, and as Library Law Specialist at the Library of Michigan. He lives in Rockford, Michigan with his wife and four children.

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One Response to “Clearing Up Library Boundaries”

  1. Evan Iacoboni Says:

    Kudos to KDL!!! I used to live in an area just outside of KDL’s boundries and never used the system, though I could. Now I live in the Grandville School District and the closest library by far is the Grandville Branch. I rarely used former area library due to excuses and repeat service issues. I love Grandville and use it weekly. I see why 19% of people from my former community make up Grandville’s patronage. The access we have to services and resources is wonderful, as are the staff. I can say I look forward to saying yes whenever he millage is to be renewed!