What’s Your Library Story? Tell Us & Win

sharestory graphicKDL adores you. You know that, do you not? In the words of the ultra-suave cartoon paramour Pepe Le Pew, “We must stoke ze furnace of love, must we not?”

When you tell us how much you love the library, it feels like butterfly kisses. Like a hug from a giant stuffed teddy bear. Like being in the middle of a pile of puppies on warm grass in the sunshine. Ooohhh… happiness.

Click here and fill out the form by July 14 to tell us about one or more ways you use and benefit from your library. You’ll be entered for the chance to win a $25 gift card from Schuler Books & Music and could be featured in an article about your loving-us-ness on our website and in our seasonal program guide.


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Written by Morgan J.

Morgan J.

Morgan J. is a KDL communications assistant. She spends summers as a “hood ornament” of sorts while her husband captains their old, cedar-sided pontoon down the Flat River. In the wintertime she counts the days until she’ll have her toes in the water again.

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3 Responses to “What’s Your Library Story? Tell Us & Win”

  1. Tracy Matrone Says:

    Five years ago, my husband was working in the GR area while we were still looking for a home to relocate to, and I was pregnant. We had just sold our home, so we knew that shortly, we’d be living in the area, whether we found a house or not. I came up with him on days that I had doctor appointments – which turned out to be many by this point. Having an entire day to whittle away, and trying to not spend too much money, I got to know the KDL better than anything else in the city. I browsed online, looked at books, did work in study rooms, stared out the windows… I realize now just how small a slice of the KDL that actually is! I have two kids, so my world has opened up a bit. The most obvious difference is that I spend more time attending children’s programs and playing. I also spend time browsing the juvenile fiction shelves, figuring out which classic book to read to my son next, and which child’s book will help my daughter develop her speech more. I’ve even acquainted myself with the coping section, for books on becoming a new brother, pottying, and seeing the doctor. The less obvious differences are that I learned how to get what I want for myself pretty quickly and efficiently – I downloaded apps to help me find, reserve, and download books. I “go to the library” at night through the website – I was so excited to try to learn French and get free music! And I can navigate my way through the stacks pretty quickly now when I just want to hold a real book in my hands instead of a screen. We always check out the kids audio section before we head out and find an audio book or new music to listen to in the car. The KDL has really become a home away from home for us. Staff have watched my kids grow up, I read the library’s posts on my Facebook news feed, and my kids recognize the building enough to cry when we drive past but don’t stop in. And at the end of a very, very long and noisy day, there is nothing quite as relaxing as leaving the kids home with daddy and spending some very, very quiet time alone running my finger across titles in the adult section, trying to figure out what I want to read about this time…

  2. Danielle Says:

    Our love affair with KDL began 6 years ago and continues to grow. When we lived in Grand Rapids, we were just a bus ride away from Yankee Clipper in the GRPL system. In 2008 we moved out to Lowell. One of the first tasks was to swap our GRPL cards for KDL cards. Weekly we stop by the library to pick up books, browse the shelf, and attend programs. My two oldest children have found volunteering through the Teen Crew to fill empty summer hours and broaden their horizons through helping with a variety of tasks. It is rare that my announcement that I’m “going to the library” doesn’t result in a clamor from any of the 5 kids to come with me. Our youngest turned 4 this year and was allowed to get her own library card. She’s very proud of it. Because we home school using a lot of non-fiction picture books/chapter books, we use the library constantly for many of our “textbooks.” I frequently offer workshops to other home school moms on the vast array of resources available through the digital sites, whether the reference resources or the e-books. As a curriculum author, I spent many evening hours at the Englehardt branch, writing lessons while watching kayakers and pontoon boats float by on the Flat River. There are few parts of our lives that KDL doesn’t touch.

  3. Morgan Jarema Says:

    What wonderful library stories! To officially be entered into this contest, please click on the “click here” in the above blog post and fill out the form. Thank you! Your love bombs are most appreciated and we love you right back. — Morgan J, KDL communications assistant