Southern Classics to Enjoy Once More

                                                                     Gone with the Wind    

 One of the first classics I truly enjoyed was the epic “Gone with the Wind“, by Margaret Mitchell. I can still remember huddling down in the comfort of my bed as I read vividly through the years of Scarlett’s life, the turmoil of the war, and the tragic love affair that always needed one more day for Scarlett to truly love Rhett.

                                                                                      Rhett Butler's People

 Finally, a book has arrived to give the reader a taste of Southern charm like only Rhett Butler can offer. In Rhett Butler’s People, by Donald McCaig, Rhett first comes to us as a young southern man ready to defend his honor. In this story Rhett is shown to us in many ways as a champion for the less fortunate, and a passion for integrity that is overshadowed by appearances. Letting society believe that he was a scoundrel was easier for him to protect his heart from the southern tragedies that surrounded him from his country, his family, and most of all, the intriguing Scarlett. Written as an outsider to “Gone with the Wind”, the reader has another viewpoint with further information that enhances our vision of the classic tale. It is well worth the time to visit Rhett once more!

                               The Widow of the South           

Another intriguing civil war story is “The Widow of the South” by Robert Hicks. This story takes place in Tennessee, and is based on the true character of Carrie McGovern. She takes it upon herself to insure that fallen soldiers are buried properly, as well as maintaining  the cemetary through the years. Though the book is fiction, with a love story and villians mixed in, the reader will enjoy the true story references.

And finally for those interested in further civil war stories, you may click here.

Do you have a favorite southern classic to share ?

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