May the Force be with you

On May 25 there is a special day that you might not know about.  According to Wookieepedia, “The Universal Day of the Jedi is an ‘annual Star Wars fan holiday’, on May 25. It was originally pushed by fans to begin on May 25, 2007, the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars film. It was created as a geek holiday, similar to that of Hobbit Day or Towel Day.”

Celebration of this most auspicous of holidays can include viewing and or discussion of the movies, reading a Star Wars book, dressing like a Star Wars character, or simply saying “May the Force be with you” to people throughout the day.  A simple search for Star Wars in our library catalog will give you plenty of reading and viewing options if you are interested.  How do you plan to celebrate?


Fun Fact:  According to the Religion News Blog,

“More people claim their religion to be Jedi in England and Wales than those who follow Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism. And the cause has global support.

There are also 70,000 Jedi knights in Australia, 53,000 in New Zealand, and 20,000 in Canada.”

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Josh is Branch Manager at the Englehardt Branch. He loves spending his days recommending a great book to anyone who walks in the door.

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2 Responses to “May the Force be with you”

  1. Louis J. Says:

    That’s awesome! Does playing a Star Wars video game (say “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) count as celebrating the “Universal Day of the Jedi”???

  2. edehaan Says: