Popular author Anne Rice, well known for her vampire book series, has chosen to change her style of writing. As her husband’s accepting Christ, and eventual death, made her long for more, she began to study theology. With further intense research, Anne has chosen to write a series reflecting Jesus’s life, called “Christ the Lord.” An informative epilogue is found at the end of her first book that gives greater detail about her conversion!

Her first book, Out of Egypt, focuses on Jesus as a young child living in Egypt with his family. He recognizes that he is different from others, but doesn’t have a full concept of why. Throughout the book, references are made by his uncle and mother that lead him to closer understanding. Eventually, he accepts that he is alive for something greater.

In the second book, The Road to Cana, Jesus is now an adult. He is envied and questioned by many around him for being “different.” As a man, he is still questioning his destiny, until he is finally in contact with John the Baptist. As he is baptized, he becomes more fully aware of himself.

These books do a realistic job of protraying Jesus as a man, and yet follow Scripture closely. It is an interesting read into the life and times of the Jewish people that Jesus was a part of.

There is promise of a third book in this series, and we look forward to having it at KDL as it becomes available.

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