Are You a Library Lover?

February is Library Lover’s Month and we want to hear from you! Tell us why you love your library and enter to win a $25 gift certificate to Schuler Books & Music. Leave your comment on this blog post by February 28 and you are automatically entered to win.

Happy Library Lover’s Month!

Written by Katie


Katie is a Communications Assistant and helps spread the word about all the amazing things taking place at KDL. She loves her job so much that she returned to it following a four-year stint as a stay-at-home mom!

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61 Responses to “Are You a Library Lover?”

  1. Abby Says:

    The library is a great place for my daughter and I to spend time together. We use it as a learning experience for the both of us.

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  3. Joan Huyser-Honig Says:

    Going to the library together was always a bonding activity for me and our older son. Now that he lives in a country that doesn’t have libraries, I keep him stocked by sending or bringing interlibrary loan books and by buying used books from the library. Simply walking into the library brings back decades of layered memories for me–and helps me to keep creating memories with him.

  4. Marsha Harig Says:

    My daughter and I love the library because we can get movies, video games, and our favorite…books! It is a special treat for us to go together to the library, as we always can find something we both really enjoy. My daughter would not have been as good of a reader if I had not had the library to help spark her interest in reading. It is very expensive to buy books, and this way I was able to try several before finding ones that really sparked her interest. She is in the 3rd grade and reads at a 6th grade level, all thanks to the library’s vast selection!

  5. paulb Says:

    It’s cheaper than NetFlix!

  6. Laurie Clark Says:

    My aunt and i listen to audio books. I live in kent county and she lives in montcalm county. She is legally blind and i am able to order books for her to pick-up at her library so we both get to listen to new books and are able to chat about them when we are done. I also drive for a living and listen while i drive. Thank you!

  7. Autumn Says:

    I love the library because it allows me to explore fantastic worlds, both real and imaginary.

  8. Barbara Says:

    Emily Dickenson wrote “There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away.” The other day I used the calculator on the library website to calculate the value of the library to me. I discovered that for every dollar our family pays in taxes, we receive almost $80 in services from the library! I think that’s a pretty good return on our “travel budget”!! That’s why I love my library!

  9. Jan Says:

    The library allwos me to explore new ideas and information.

  10. Dan Says:

    Jousting with books is an activity my wife and I enjoy. Often, we will read the same book, one will be ahead one night while the next catches up. As we read we taunt and discuss. When we are through we talk about the book.

  11. Kathleen White Says:

    I love the library because it makes me feel like anything is possible. I can learn about so many new things, places and people just by wandering around the library and randomly choosing books off the shelf. It is also a great connector for me and my sons. They love the library as much as I do, and hopefully, their love for books will continue to make them great readers and dreamers and doers.

  12. Shannon Says:

    I love that I can email the staff a list of books that I enjoy reading and they will in turn email me back with other books that I should try. Surprizingly, I have borrowed many of the books off the suggested list and the staff was right; I am enjoying these as well!

  13. Amanda Knapp Says:

    The library has been my second home for over 25 years! I have made great friends and learned so much 🙂

  14. Kyle Clark Says:

    I love the library because it’s where I spend most of my time during the summer. Also: it’s where I get the books that occupy most of my time, as well as the movies. Why go to blockbuster when you can place it on hold?

  15. jaime brooks Says:

    I have always loved the library. I first attended the Tyrone Kent City Libary when I was 11 years old, I am now 34 and still go there at least once a week. I have seen many changes to that building, but it is not the builing that makes the libary, or even the books, it is all of the dedicated workers,and Marcia the Branch Manager who make each and every visit enjoyable.

  16. Colleen Says:

    I love the library because my daughter and I can give any of the numerous books or movies or CDs a try and see if we enjoy them! And if we don’t – it’s no extra trouble – we just turn them back in the next time we’re at the library. (usually 2-3x/week!)

  17. Eva North Says:

    I am a true library lover. It saves me money I don’t have on books, maybe not on ones I really really want, but there is almost always a way to get them at the library. And my kids love the library. I came from a family of readers and am passing it on to all of my children.

  18. Christina Dirkes Says:

    The library is the best place I’ve ever been to because it has been a tradition to go there with my family. My mom would bring my sisters and I as little girls and we were allowed to pick five books to read at home, and my mom would read them to us at bedtime. It gave me a great love of reading that endures to this day, and reading such a diverse selection of picture and chapter books would not have been possible without the library.

  19. Krista Says:

    I’ve been enamored with libraries since I received my first library card at six years old. There’s so much to discover, worlds outside my little environment to explore, and new information to absorb. Technology is fun, fast paced, and ever changing. But nothing will ever truly compare to tall stacks of books, the peaceful quiet, and the feel and smell of a book in my hands.

  20. Rosa Says:

    Every Saturday for as long as I can remember my family has gone to the library to get new books for the week. My whole family are avid readers, and a weekly trip to the library has been a wonderful way to bond. We share books and movies we find on the shelves, reccomend books to each other, and in some cases it’s the most time we spend together all week. I can’t wait until I have my own children to share this tradition of weekly library visits.

  21. Barry Says:

    I love the Library because it put food on my table for 44.5 years! I enjoyed working with the rest of the staff and–most of all–meeting and helping all the people who came in to see us.

  22. Wendy Says:

    The Kentwood Library is the best place to go because of all the services it provides: conference rooms, study areas, fireplace, outdoor deck and more. The library allows me to read all the books I wish I could buy, but don’t have the room nor funds to accommodate.

  23. Jane Vining Says:

    My husband and I go to the library at least twice a week. We enjoy books, music, movies, do research and often run into old friends/neighbors. Living in Michigan where many are out of work we have suggested the library to many friends and family as a way to save money over video stores, used book stores and netflix. We watch the website for where the library sales are happening and support many in the KDL system by going to sales and making purchases. We are thankful to live in an area that has such a great library system!

  24. Amanda Says:

    I love my library because I am currently unemployed and the library offers me the use of the computers to search for jobs as well as do research. I am also an avid book reader and the library always has the newest releases so that i don’t have to wait for them or buy them as soon as they come out. I also have an ebook reader which the library also lets me borrow electronic materials. I love everything that the library does for the community and I will always support my library.

  25. Amanda Says:

    I could live at the library. It’s like heaven for me! To be able to check out any book or book on tape just takes me away to another place. I also come everyday to use the internet as well as check out movies! KDL saves me over $1000 a month by using it’s services. I love people watching and watching the librarians interact with the “regulars”. It’s like a little family. Hearing the kids laugh and play with each other puts a smile on my face. I’m glad the tradition of using a library is being passed on each generation.

  26. Eric Says:

    Wow! Thanks for all of your comments so far. We definitely have some true library lovers out there. Keep those stories coming! Be sure to include your email address to be entered into our gift card drawing.

    Eric DeHaan
    KDL Communications Manager

  27. Karen Halstedt Says:

    Yes I LOVE THE LIBRARY. I would be lost without it. I have been a KDL patron for over 50 years and especially love the winter reading club. It forces me to read outside my usual genres as well as it keeps my mind sharp and reading is a great hobby. Now that I am pretty much homebound, I use the online site to request all my books and my husband makes the weekly trek to the Krause branch for my choices. (Thank you honey!)

  28. glenna miedema Says:

    We love taking in all the offerings for the kids. My girls love playing games on the computers, pretending restaurant in the “Play Room”, visiting the Reindeer this past Christmas, attending Summer concerts or just looking for books and movies. When I tell them that we are going to the library I never have to beg them to get in the car.

  29. Ginger Says:

    FREE MUSIC! FREE BOOKS! FREE COMPUTER TIME! FREE MOVIES! FREE E-BOOKS! FREE AUDIO BOOKS! What’s not to love! We come every week, sometimes twice a week. My kids love the Library and so do I!

    The library is a little like the best store in the world all for FREE!

  30. Darcy Says:

    In my “book”, libraries are the most valuable public institutions devised by mankind….a place for the free give-and-take of ideas and entertainment. Priceless.

  31. Sue Says:

    Without the library I wouldn’t be able to do one of my favorite pastimes, read! It is absolutely not feasible to PURCHASE the number of books I read. I am so thankful for our KDL libraries! There has never been a time that we have voted against raising the library millage, even when finances were tight, that’s how much we love, use, and appreciate our library. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk out with a stack of books. Even though we pay taxes, it still feels like we get all the books our family reads for FREEEEEE! 😀

  32. Amanda Says:

    I love my library! I go to the library at least once a week. I love it because I can request books or videos that I’m interested in. The staff are so friendly and since I’m there so regularly they all know me, its a very comfortable place to be. When I was still in school the library was an excellent place to be able to borrow books from when I couldn’t afford to purchase the expensive textbooks and also a wonderful place to get resources for projects and research. I utilize almost all the library has to offer, from books to movies to the computers to audio books. It was wonderful to be able to come and pick out a book on CD to listen to for my drives back and forth to school, a little over two hours each way. I also enjoy participating in the adult winter reading program, it always helps energize my winter reading as well as I enjoy the categories and new books and authors I discover on the suggested reading lists. I don’t know what I’d do without the library, I love it and depend on it even though I have my own quite vast library at home!

  33. Brenda Tjapkes Says:

    I love my KDL library! I am a read-aholic and I can not afford to buy the books to appease my addiction! Using the library allows me to read to my hearts content with out breaking the bank! I also love being able to listen to books on tape while I clean. I would never be able to do those things with out my local KDL library. And to top off all of these great things – they have new release movies! I just get on-line and request them, they e-mail me when they are in for me! And I get to keep them for an entire week! I love not having to pay the $4 or whatever the going rate is to rent a movie! Thank you KDL!

  34. Kim Funk Says:

    I love the library!! I own a childcare center and have taken the children to story time for several years. It is a great way to introduce children to the library and all it has to offer. Parents are thrilled that their kids get to attend each week. The librarians make our time at the library fun and educational. They know our kids by name and listen to them. Thanks KDL for a great program at Tyrone Township Library!!!

  35. Keith Says:

    Quite simply, it is the cheapest way to travel!

  36. JC Says:

    The library is a great place for me and my family. We always go when we can. It is just fun, staying, reading. We live in Caledonia and now that the new library is open we will walk there almost every day over the summer!

  37. Rebecca Carlson Says:

    I like going to the library because it can help me find great books to read and resources for just about anything, including test prep. 🙂

  38. Christina T. Says:

    I love having free access to books for my book club, personal reading, research, etc.–even downloadable audio books to listen to at the gym.

  39. Rudy Says:

    The library is my second home. I love volunteering there in the summer and I love the fact that I am able to read all the books that I desire. My family loves the library because they are able to bond together while watching the fun movies the library has and I love it because it serves as my place to hang and relax and to just read.

  40. Ellie Says:

    I love the library! You’re never able to check out just one book! It’s also a great place to sit, relax and read.

  41. Tina Says:

    I love the library because it makes me feel like a home away from home. I can get a book that will take me to a different world/time. It is a great place to expand your book smarts and I love it for that!!!!!! I just love it!!!!!!1

  42. Julie Young Says:

    I read at least two books a week and my kids all love reading. The Wyoming library is the most awesome place on earth because I can reserve books and run in to pick them up and my son can go play in the toddler area while my daughter plays on the computers. I also love that I can get absolutely any book I want. The staff are all wonderful and nice. Thank you for being there for my kids and I to enjoy reading. I love the contests and try to participate when ever possible.

  43. S.D. Says:

    Each person in the family enjoys our visits to the library. The calm quiet of the upstairs, the dvd selection, the fun and games downstairs, really makes everyone happy. It is a resource we really appreciate. And the wonderful staff is the icing on the cake.

  44. Mindy H. Says:

    Why does our family love the library? It could be the programs offered, or the vast selection of books and beyond, or the helpful & friendly staff. No matter what it is, the magic of the library always brings smiles when we say, “we are going to the library today.”

  45. devon secord Says:

    I absolutely love my library! It offers so much to me and my little sister. I am a senior in high school with no computer at home so all the typing and internet researching I need to do for school I can get done here. I can also take my little sister who is five to the library because there is a little kids section just for kids and their watchers. It’s nice because she can play with little kids her age here and I can check my e-mail and keep an eye on her at all the same time. It’s nice and secure. Also, the staff who work at the Krause Mermorial library (which is where I go) are all so friendly. If I have a question about anything they know what to do and I can find my answer. On top of that, I love to read and the library offers so many great reads. It’s awesome that I can put holds on the next book in a series that I am reading even if it isn’t at my library. There is so much more I can say about my library, but i’m pretty sure this explanation is long enough. =)

  46. Susan Says:

    My children beg to go and pick out books. It’s a great outing for them and they love to read their picks. It certainly has built their love for reading! I love having so many books at my fingertips.

  47. Nicolette Says:

    I love visiting the different libraries in Kent County and keep a list tucked in my purse for the different books I would like to get from eacvh library; it not only gives me an excuse to see each library, but I also have the pleasure of finding other great books that I may not have on my list. I also adore that I can use Mel to order books from all over Michigan; I’ve found an unbelievable amount of great books through Mel, many are historical needlwork books or other books of simular scarce subjects. I’m so thankful that we have KDL in our area, but we also have MEL, what great resources!

  48. Wendy Mahaney Says:

    I LOVE the library! I could spend hours and hours just browsing the stacks. I have always loved reading. As a child, my mom would take me to the library to check out new books. After choosing my books, I would sit in one of the chairs waiting for my mom as she was chatting with the librarians. Often I finished a book before we even left.
    I now have passed my love of the library on to my own children. We live near the library and it is a trip we make several times a week.
    Sometimes my husband will tell me to go out for a while on my own and he will keep the kids home with him. Most of the time my feet find their way to the library where I spend a glorious hour or two just wandering around the library finding wonderful treasures to read. Maybe that is a good way to look at the library. It is like a treasure chest of wonderful goodies just waiting to be discovered.

  49. Elyse Says:

    Having the library so close has allowed me to go back to school. My husband and I also love that we can access additional material through the co-op. We both grew up as book-lovers and each time we go to the library, we swap stories of our favorites and try to find them on the shelves.

  50. Jen A Says:

    I love my library. I would be lost without it. It is a great place to visit with the kids teen through toddler, and I love, love, love that I can order books online. I also love all the resources available at the library from Play Away books to the early literacy computers there is something everyone in my family can love.

  51. Amy vanzoeren Says:

    I love the library!!! The staff is great, there is always fun kids activities, we love story time and I can always find or order the book I am looking for 🙂

  52. Abby Says:

    The library is a great place for my daughter and I to go to learn and to have fun. We go at least once a week and the look on my daughter’s face is priceless.

  53. Donna Says:

    I love taking the family to the library. What a great way to teach the kids about respecting other people’s property when they borrow books and media. They love going to find a special treasure each time we go! I also love that I can place holds on an item online, and just go in to pick it up when available!

  54. melissa Says:

    I LOVE going to library the steff so nices and helps you out ,when need something oh order books ,love get cd and movies to.and the awsome cookboooks to its so nices to be close to it.

  55. Alex Fluegel Says:

    It’s helped instill a great love for literature, a love I’ve made a career of.

  56. meredith Says:

    I LOVE the library. I get to read so many books that I would not get to read if I had to buy them all. It is a wonderful way to recycle and use our resources wisely. My son brings home suggested reading books from school, and I immediately put them on hold, then pick them up when they are in. I will often see books in magazines or in the store that I want to read, and then put those on hold as well. It’s so easy! My boys like to play on the library computers. It’s a wonderful place! Thanks for all you do!

  57. Heather Says:

    I have loved the library even before I was old enough to ride my bike there after school and spend HOURS perusing the shelves looking for the next greatest book to read. The library has so many resources available I’m always rhapsodizing about what a wonderful thing it is. Now that I’m older and have children THEY constantly ask to go, whether it’s for the next book in the series they are reading, or a movie to watch w/the family or even a video game. I can’t imagine what we would do without the library.

  58. Julie Says:

    I have been a library lover all my life. As a teen I would bike there 2-3 times a week in the summer, fill up my backpack, and read all the books I could get my hands on. Even now, when I own many many books of my own, I still love going to the library to browse through new books or look for a new author. One of the best things about the library is the hold system; even if I don’t have time to browse I can put a book on hold and pick it up whenever I have a free minute.

  59. cindy Says:

    When we pull in to the lot my 2 year old shouts “sordies!!! (his word for “stories”). The love of reading instilled visit by visit. You can’t beat the look of pure joy when you see it through those young eyes.

  60. TerriW Says:

    I love the library because the possibilities are endless.

  61. Samantha Says:

    I love my library because its my escape. I can spend all day there. I got through book after book. My things get hard I always turn to reading and hide away at my library tucked in a good book. I love sittingon the floor with a pile of books trying to figure out which ones I’m going to take home an which ones I have to wait on. I don’t know what I’d do without my books. As much as I with I coulx own them all I can’t. So I owe my library a lot. It’s never let me down. And there’s so many people who are willing to help you find the right book. I live the custom reading list. all in all. I love my library and I’m very thankful to have It. So thank you kdl.