Thanks For Helping Us “Stock the Shelves”

Thank You so much for helping us “Stock the Shelves” with your donation to the KDL Fund.  You generously helped us exceed our goal by donating over $8,900 to purchase new books and materials for the youth collection and help us grow our legacy of lifelong learning.  

KDL is very fortunate to have friends who so thoughtfully support our library programs and services. 

During 2011, KDL’s 75th Anniversary year, we have some exciting activities planned for the KDL Annual and Endowment Funds.  The KDL Fund Development Board will continue to lead the effort to grow our endowment and support of the following activities: 

  • Play, Grow, Read To Your Baby bags inspire first-time parents to help their babies become lovers of learning and reading.
  • Early Literacy Computer Stations teach children so they are eager and ready to learn to read when they enter kindergarten.
  • Imagination Stations engage children in an exploration of learning, play, and imagination. 

If you are interested in partnering with KDL in growing our Annual or Endowment Funds during our 75th anniversary year, we’d love to have you join us.


Thank you again! 

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Written by Janice Fonger

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