We’ve Got Wii!

You spoke, and we listened!  Earlier this year, we surveyed teens in all KDL libraries and asked which game format they thought we should add to our videogame collection, and the overwhelming answer was Wii.  So if you want to check out the new Wii titles, stop in at your local branch.  They’re free, and you can check them out for three weeks!  Overdue fines of .15 per day apply if you bring ’em back late.  Be sure to check out our current selection of PS2 and PC-based games too!

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Written by Tammy


Tammy is a Collection Development Librarian at KDL, specializing in youth and teen fiction. She also purchases graphic novels, audiobooks, and music for kids. If you ask her what her favorite book is, she’ll probably tell you it’s the one she’s reading right at that moment.

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16 Responses to “We’ve Got Wii!”

  1. Steven M. Says:

    This is the greatest thing that the library has done in a long time. I’ve been hoping against hope that some day you would start renting out Wii games, and you finally have! Thank you very much!

  2. Michael Says:

    This is a great idea! One question, though. Is it possible to place a hold and have the game sent to a nearby branch? I can’t seem to figure out how to place a hold on an item without a specific call #.

  3. Tammy Schneider Says:

    Michael, thanks so much for bringing this up, I’m sure many others are wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, all of our PS2 and Wii games are Express, which means you cannot place holds on them. The reason for this is that if we allowed holds, there would never be any on the shelves. Also, we want to make sure that our wonderful KDL patrons have the most access to them, and there is no way to limit holds to just KDL cardholders. When items go out to libraries outside of KDL, they spend lots of time in delivery, which also limits access. Hope that helps!

  4. Bill Says:

    I have not seen wii games at the branch i go to in walker when will they arrive?

  5. mdoane Says:

    Bill – we do have Wii games here at Walker but they are often ALL checked out. Stop at the desk next time you are in to find out which games we have.

    Our Wii collection will continue to grow so as we get more titles in, hopefully the availability will improve.

  6. Steve Says:

    This sounds fun. If I have a game at home that I finished, should I donate it to the local branch as well?

  7. Tammy Schneider Says:

    Hi Steve!

    We’d love to accept donations of Wii games. Be sure to ask for a receipt, your donation may even be tax deductible!

  8. Marc Specter Says:

    I think the addition of Wii games is fantastic, but I disagree with not being able to reserve online. I would rather wait my turn in the online queue than repeatedly walk into my local branch and never find a game on the shelves.

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    Why can’t the games only be available to reserve within the KDL system? And why are they allowed to be checked out for 3 weeks, when magazines and DVDs are 1-week items? As Express-only items checked out for 3 weeks, the odds of my seeing ANY of the games on my local library shelves are miniscule at best. I was excited to see the Wii games available, until it became clear that they cannot be reserved. There must be a better way to distribute the games.

  10. nathew Says:

    Will there be a limit on what ESRB ratings will be allowed for games carried? For example, an M-rated game like No More Heroes?

  11. Kelly Says:

    I think that this is a great idea! However, I agree that it should only be 1 week and you will find that many would rather pay the .15 cent a day late fee than bring it back even after 3 weeks. I expect that this policy will be reviewed and revised in a very short time.

  12. Tammy Schneider Says:

    In response to nathew’s question about ESRB ratings, we make it our policy to only collect E through Teen games. The reason behind this is that our funds for games are limited and we want as many people to be able to use them as possible. Thanks for your question!

  13. Tammy Schneider Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    We’re glad that you like our new collection, the response to it has been overwhelmingly positive! I would like to take this opportunity to explain the reasoning behind the 3-week loan period for games. We regularly survey users of our videogames, and every time the majority of responders said that one week is not enough to learn and “defeat” the game. In addition, the core users of this collection are young teens who depend on adults to get to the library, so it is very inconvenient for most of them to come back in one week just to return their game. Having a loan period consistent with print materials decreases the likelihood that users will rack up huge overdue fines. We will continue as always to carefully consider input from our patrons, and will re-evaluate the policy again next year. Thanks for your comment!

    Tammy Schneider
    Collection Development Librarian

  14. Tammy Schneider Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I totally agree that your solution of limiting holds to KDL patrons would be a great one. However, as a member of the Lakeland Library Cooperative we are required to make all materials that we own “holdable” by everyone in the cooperative, and in return, we may borrow the materials owned by all other members. The only exception to this rule is Express items, which cannot have holds placed on them at all. So basically, it’s an “all or nothing” situation with holds, and we feel that since we are one of the only libraries that collect console games, it is more fair to our patrons to keep them as Express. In the future, if other member libraries opt to collect these games, we may revisit this policy. Thanks for your comment, and I promise to keep buying as many games as my budget allows!

    Tammy Schneider
    Collection Development Librarian

  15. sue Says:

    that is amazing it should be fun for the kids

  16. nathew Says:

    and the adults! video games aren’t just for kids, you know.