Notes from the Midnight Driver

I just read a great book – it’s called Notes from the Midnight Driver. (Look it up in the catalog).

 It was written by a former HS English teacher named Jordan Sonnenblink.

The book details the life of Alex – a down and out junior in high school. After his parent’s split, he decides to drink a bunch of liquor and take his mom’s car for a spin so that he can have a chat with dad. But as we all know, drinking and driving don’t mix.

Alex ends up doing some community service as his punishment. His hours are spent with a grumpy old guy named Sol. What he learns about himself, his friends and his family are all valuable life lessons. The book is touching but not sappy. It is also pretty funny.

 The book also received an honor “Thumbs Up!” award from the Michigan Library Association’s Teen Services Division.

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Written by Morgan D.

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