Great Used Book Bargains

Used Books  

Looking for some great book bargains?  Then look no further than your local KDL branch location.  From special events to year-round book sales, the Kent District Library is your place for great used books.  Check out our event calendar for book sale events or call your local KDL branch location for more information.

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  1. James McDonald Says:

    The purpose of this page ( is unexplained. What is it for? Just for comments? Is it to be notified of sales? Does it go on a blog somewhere? What is a “trackback” from my website?

  2. edehaan Says:

    This page is a single post in the KDL blog. The content is for informational purposes only. However, we do encourage public comments and feedback. For more information on the KDL blog and blogs in general, visit this page. Regarding the trackback function, the purpose of trackback is to let a site know (in this case, ours) that you are referencing them on your own site. Whenever anyone trackbacks our site, we can see who is linking to us, which can be very helpful.

    I hope that helps.