Do you have trouble remembering what books you have already read? Are you looking for an easy and quick way to keep track of what you have read yourself? Books you have read to your family? Books your kids have read on their own?

Are you looking for some interesting book suggestions because you finally have some time to yourself to read a book of your own choosing?

Do you want to see what your friends are reading?

Check out: and set up your own profile.

Their Mission:
Goodreads’ mission is to improve the process of reading and learning throughout the world.

How They Do It:
Most book recommendation websites work by listing random people’s reviews. On Goodreads, when a person adds a book to the site, all their friends can see what they thought of it. It’s common sense. People are more likely to get excited about a book their friend recommends.

What Makes It Fun:
If you get some of your friends involved you can see what they are reading.
It is a great visual list of what you have read.
You can make your own book shelves and organize your books any way you like.

Warning: Your “To-Read” list may grow very long, but when has that ever been a bad thing?

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