What to Watch Until TWILIGHT Hits Theaters

Hey, Twilight fans! Have you already finished Breaking Dawn?  I am sure that you are eagerly awaiting Twilight’s appearance on the big screen December 12th…make sure you visiit www.twilightthemovie.com to see all the trailers and the (fabulous) movie poster.  To help pass the 2,856 hours left until the movie opens, here are a few DVDs that may appeal to Twilighters:

Blood and Chocolate stars Vivian Gandillon (Agnes Bruckner), a girl who’s forced to face her lupine tendencies in order to discover how capable of loving Aiden she really is. Based on a book by Annette Curtis Clause, the film chronicles the lives of the remaining loup garou who are an extended Romanian family waiting for their pack leader, Gabriel, to select his new mate. His desire for Vivian means trouble when her wish to be with Aiden results in her revealing too much about the clan’s secretive lifestyle.  





 The Covenant  The descendants of the founding families of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Caleb, Reid, Sims, and Pogue, are teenagers who have it all. This includes witch-like powers they inherited from their ancestors. At the age of 18, which Caleb will hit first, they will “ascend” into their mature powers. The catch is that every time they use their powers, it ages them. On the eve of Caleb’s ascension, the group finds that someone else has been using their powers to cause trouble. Now, the four must find out who it is and put a stop to it before people start getting hurt.




 The Lost Boys [note: this is an R-Rated film] was released in 1987 and features Corey Feldman, Jami Gertz, Corey Haim, Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Dianne Wiest.  When Sam, Michael, and their mother move to Santa Clara, California, strange things begin to happen.  The local gang may be more than meets the eye.  A new twist on the familiar vampire story.




The Messengers stars Kristen Stewart, who will play Bella in Twilight.  A troubled family moves into an old farmhouse where a triple homicide has occured. Only Ben, the little toddler of the family, can see the supernatural prescences in the house, and he appears more delighted with them than afraid. When his teenage sister, Jess, also starts encountering unusual occurences – this time of an apparantly non-benevolent nature – she also begins noticing Ben’s unusual behavior as well and realizes that he too is experiencing something out of the ordinary. The hardest part for Jess is getting anybody else to take her seriously.


What are you looking forward to seeing in Twilight the movie? Any thoughts about the actors that will be playing your favorite Twilight characters? 

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Written by Jamie

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4 Responses to “What to Watch Until TWILIGHT Hits Theaters”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Good news, Twilighters! The premier date has been changed to November 21, 2008.

  2. Matthew Roest Says:

    twilight is an awesome book! the movie should sell out tickes fast especially with a hot guy like edward! I think chic books are awesome even tho im a boy

  3. Collin Peterson Says:

    woooooow. twilight is a cool book. i cant wait to see the movie

  4. Ariana Nicole Says:

    well i loved the books WAY before the movies buit now that i have seen the movies i can honsetly say … it did not compair to the books….at all1 the movie was too much a chick flic