Attention Library Users! Please Read!

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Starting September 29, 2008, the Grand Rapids Public Library (GRPL) will begin using a new catalog system called Evergreen. This change will have an effect on some of the library practices you may be used to, including the placement of holds and the payment of library fines. Here are some basic facts:

  • The Grand Rapids Public Library is NOT leaving the Lakeland Library Cooperative. Kent District Library patrons will still be able to use their card at all GRPL locations as well as place holds on GRPL items.
  • Although KDL patrons will be able to place holds on GRPL items, they will have to do so through a separate catalog system (Evergreen) and will have to pick up the item(s) at a GRPL location.
  • KDL patrons will still be able to use the Public Internet terminals at all GRPL locations, and vice-versa.
  • KDL patrons will still be able to view all of their account information and renew items online.
  • A link to GRPL’s new Evergreen catalog will be easily accessible through our current LakeNet catalog.

For more detailed information, including a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet as well as contact information, please view our Evergreen Information page. 

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11 Responses to “Attention Library Users! Please Read!”

  1. cocacolarox Says:

    is that the library by Gaslight Village?

  2. jaroorda Says:

    Yes, that library is Grand Rapids (East), and is part of the GRPL system

  3. Tamara Says:

    No. I think you are referring to East Grand Rapids library and it is a branch of KDL. The GRPL has eight branches (Main, Madison Square, Ottawa Hills, Seymour, Van Belkum, West Leonard, West Side, and Yankee Clipper). On the home page, at the top of the page is an “ABOUT” section (just under the L in KDL at the far upper left). When you go to the “ABOUT” section, you’ll see a menu bar on the left of the screen. Under Popular Links is a link to “Other West MI Libraries” that lists most, if not all, of the public libraries in West Michigan. You can look at that to find out which GRPL might be closest or most convenient for you.

  4. Ann Says:

    Short of saving money for the GRPL, I don’t see that service will be improved for patrons at all…whether they are located within Grand Rapids or KDL. In fact, all I see is that this becomes more complicated and problematic for all involved…now there are going to be 2 systems that we’ll have to use and check instead of one. The bottom line should not always be a financial one. In this case, I’m strenuously opposed to the change just to “save money” for GRPL. Where’s customer service?

  5. terri ambrose Says:

    I am a disabled adult. How will I and all my disabled friends get to a G.R. library to pick up anything we need? Many times its books about new illness or health issues. How will many senior citizens be able to abide by this new decision, it will hurt many of us. Please can anybody rethink this decision. Possibly a small charge by the patron to order materials from G.R.

  6. edehaan Says:

    Hi Terri,

    Both the Kent District Library and the Grand Rapids Public Library offer free mail service to disabled and homebound patrons. You’ll have to work with the respective owner of the materials you wish to have delivered, but it would probably be the best solution in this instance. Here are the links to their respective resource pages:
    KDL –
    GRPL –

    I hope that helps!

  7. Laura Says:

    I agree with Ann. My guess is that this will decrease the number of patrons using the GR system. I have no desire to have to schlep to another location. How inconvenient!!

  8. Ellen Says:

    So let me see if I understand this correctly. I place a book on hold while I am actually INSIDE the Plainfield library, I now have to go to the MAIN library to pick it up???

  9. Jeff @ KDL Says:

    Hi Ellen,

    If you place holds at the Plainfield library, you will still be able to pick them up at the Plainfield library. The only difference will be that your holds will be filled by books that belong to either KDL or to one of the other non-GRPL Lakeland libraries. You won’t have to travel to a GRPL branch unless you choose to do so.

  10. Lynda Says:

    Will we be able to return GR items to KDL and vice versa? I’d hate to pay for a ‘lost” book if I returned to wrong branch. Thanks and sorry for confusion.

  11. edehaan Says:

    You will be able to return GR items to KDL and vice versa, although we encourage you to return GR items to a GR location and KDL items to a KDL location as fines may accrue while in transit from the drop-off point to the owning library system. While you may be charged a minimal “late” fee if you choose to do this, your materials won’t be marked lost.

    I hope that helps!