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In an economy where knowledge is the key to success, libraries offer equal access to the tools and resources needed to excel. As we transition from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge-based economy, libraries are, and should continue to be, a critical partner in this effort. With the governor’s proposed 40% reduction in state aid to libraries for the 2011–2012 budget, libraries across the state face significant challenges. Since 2000, libraries have already witnessed a 76% drop in funding from the state, and these further reductions may result in the elimination of a number of heavily utilized services.

While we understand that the current economy has impacted everyone, and that we must all do more with less, these proposed cuts will have an unprecedented effect on library services within our state — from reduced access to library materials to the elimination of popular online resources. We encourage all library supporters to learn more by visiting our library advocacy webpage. Find out how you can voice your support of libraries to your local legislators.

We thank you for your support.



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