Help Us Plan the Teen Summer Reading Club for 2009!

Teen SRCThis summer’s reading club just ended, but we are busy planning for next year.  We have a list of ideas for programs and would love to hear what you think.  The theme for ’09 is Express Yourself @ Your Library

 Here is a list of ideas:

Altered Books

Artist Trading Cards

Bleached T-Shirts

Coffee Tasting/Coffee House program

Cooking Class


Duct Tape Crafts


Graffiti Art

Hip-hip Dance

Ice Cream Social

Lawn Games

Pizza Tasting and Creation

Stained Glass Art

Teen Summer Carnival

Tie-Dye T-Shirts


Vote on your favorites or give us some new ideas by commenting to this post.  Thanks everyone!

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Written by Kip

Kip is an Adult Librarian at the Grandville branch. He enjoys anything related to graphic novels, soccer and time travel and really wishes there was a graphic novel about playing soccer while time traveling.

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3 Responses to “Help Us Plan the Teen Summer Reading Club for 2009!”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Really like the idea of cooking class, crafts, Duct Tape Crafts, Ice Cream Social, Pizza tasting and Creation and Teen Carnival. But the best one for me is the crafts and the teen carnival.

  2. Kelsey Says:

    I like the ideas for coffee tasting and cooking class.. i also think you should have a club throughout the summer like we can form our own group with our friends and you could approve it. then the group could meet at someplace like a coffee house weekly..:)

  3. Marissa Says:

    I love the ideas for having an ice-cream social, summer carnival, and duct tape crafts.