Meet Janice Fonger, KDL’s New Development Coordinator

On October 1, Kent District Library welcomed Janice Fonger to the  newly created position of Development Coordinator. Fonger will oversee the creation the new KDL Endowment Fund, which will support broad-based initiatives that will reach our large service area population and benefit the 18 branch libraries. The Grand Rapids Community Foundation will oversee the investments and administration of the KDL Endowment Fund.

Fonger will organize the Endowment Fund and develop a Board. She will oversee fundraising efforts and fund distributions, develop donor relations, plan and oversee annual and planned giving campaigns, and promote the Endowment Fund in the community.

Fonger has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Social Science from Southern Oregon State University and has participated in GVSU’s Public Administration program. She has worked with a wide variety of public service and nonprofit organizations, including the Adoptive Family Support Network and the public Museum of Grand Rapids.

Welcome, Janice!

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5 Responses to “Meet Janice Fonger, KDL’s New Development Coordinator”

  1. Joe Chrenka Says:

    Right on, Jan! Best wishes in your new position.

  2. Harry Kutten Says:

    Hi Jan;

    Congraduations ans good luck on your new position.

  3. Harry Kutten Says:

    Hi Jan;

    Congraduations and good luck on your new position.

  4. Sharon Says:

    Congrats on your new position, Jan! I have great confidence in your abilities as KDL’s Development Coordinator to make great things happen! Good luck.

  5. DaveA Says:

    I did not know that I worked with such a known celebrity!!!