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KDL is here to give you the latest and greatest computer information.  We hope to answer your computer conundrums, desktop dilemmas, and software scrapes.  Join us in discussing the latest internet innovations and hardware highlights.  Hope you enjoy it and we help you get answers you’ve been looking for…

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Written by Kelaine


Adult Services Librarian, Computer Confidence Training Instructor, Former Youth and Teen Services Librarian, Wikipedia Editor with a passion for gadgets and all things techie.

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8 Responses to “New Computer Tips Blog”

  1. Topher Says:

    How fun. 🙂 Is it really a blog, or just a category in this blog?

  2. kmish Says:

    @ Topher:

    Various KDL staff will post entries at least twice a week in a specific “computer tips” blog, which is a category in the overall KDL blog. Some posts might be information snippets, or they could be a debate over the advantages of Flickr vs Photobucket. We also have several Apple Geeks on staff, so watch for Mac product info too 🙂 Hope you RSS us! Also, are there any topics you are interested in hearing about?

  3. Topher Says:

    I’d love to be able to get a feed just for this category. I already watch the other, but keeping it organized in google reader (tip!) is nice.

    Do you take volunteer posters for this topic? I’d love to see some open source stuff.

  4. Sheri Says:

    Hi everyone,

    If you want to subscribe to the RSS feed for just this category (Computer Tips), the feed address is

    Hope this helps!

    KDL Webmaster

  5. kmish Says:

    @ Topher

    Right now we aren’t able to accommodate posts created by people that aren’t employees of KDL 🙁

    But, if you comment or send me an email with your ideas or suggestions, we’ll try and get those topics that you are interested in.

    Open source, hmmmm. Actually, I use quite a bit of open source on my Mac at home…including openoffice, neooffice, GIMP and SeaShore (for image editing), and KDL uses WordPress to create this blog!

    I haven’t gone the Linux route yet..though my husband keeps mentioning it 😉

    Anything in particular related to open source you think we should include?

  6. John Says:

    Using the library computer and printer, I click print to print a one page document. A message box appears stating to type a “release key”. I type a release key. I finished the process to print a document. Immediately after, I print another one page document. I click print to print a one page document. A message box appears stating to type a “release key”. I type a different name for the release key for the second page. I finish the process for printing a document. I walk to the printer monitor. After placing the pay card into the slot. The printer computer monitor states: “Release Key”. I type the first release key for my first document. The print job did not appear. I select end session. The printer computer monitor states: “Release Key”. I type in the second release key for my second print job. All print jobs appeared (under the second release key only). The library personnel could not answer my question about the release key dilemma.

  7. Vicky Says:

    May I use your clipart with the kissing computer guy?

  8. kmish Says:

    @Vicky.. Thanks for asking to use the kissing computer guy clipart. I believe this came from a Microsoft word clipart package. I don’t know the user agreement for it, but usually as long as it’s not being resold in another clip art package or being printed out on an item that is sold, it should be ok for you to use.