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On Friday, October 10, the Kent District Library will join over 250 public, academic, school and special libraries in adding an enhanced resource sharing service called MeLCat. The MeLCat service is a statewide initiative providing access to millions of library items, including books and multimedia, from libraries around the state.

This new service gives KDL customers the ability to search a single comprehensive catalog and place requests for items to be delivered to their home library within a few business days. Most of these materials may be borrowed at no charge. Just use your KDL library card to complete a materials request. The service will be provided directly through a link on the LakeNet Online Catalog.

In addition to popular materials, MeLCat will provide access to valuable local history materials not currently available through our cooperative. KDL is a part of the Lakeland Library Cooperative, which currently provides access to over 4 million items and over 900,000 titles. MeLCat now expands those resources to over 26 million items and over 8 million titles statewide.

Check out MeLCat starting October 10.

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3 Responses to “New MeLCat Service”

  1. pam ward Says:

    I dont understand melcat
    ive tried to use it and order books
    from it it just doent work for me.

  2. big Says:

    I looked for gameboy games on melcat and found some I got
    exited but I clicked on it and it said no copies available
    same thing with psp games that makes me mad

  3. Sheri Says:

    Hi Big,

    Libraries can choose which types of materials to make available through the MeLCat service. Many libraries have decided not to offer videogames and other audiovisual materials to other libraries through MeLCat. If there is something in particular that you’re looking for, you can always fill out our Recommend a Purchase form at to suggest that KDL order it.

    KDL Webmaster