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iPhone WebCan you keep a secret? Promise? OK, good.

There is a new world forming under the internet as it exists today. Not everyone knows about it yet, but they will eventually. What is this secret world? Don’t worry — it’s nothing like the Matrix.  It’s the world of websites made to work on mobile computing devices.

Recently, many popular websites have begun adapting their websites to work better on mobile computing devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone or Blackberry. I’ll use this post to highlight some of the best websites for iPod users. With the number of new iPod and iPhone users growing quickly, it is clear that mobile computing will only increase exponentially.

Below is my list for favorite iPod Touch/iPhone websites.

1)      Need to do some shopping? Can’t get to a computer? offers an iPod Touch compatible website that allows users to shop for virtually anything with comfort and ease.  The website looks great and, more importantly, is incredibly easy to use on the small iPhone screen.

2)      Want to chat? Use a calendar? Check your email? Read the news? Almost any Google service you can use on a PC, you can use on an iPhone. The best iPhone email application might just be Google’s webmail application. Just point your iPhone’s browser to

3)      There’s a comprehensive list of mobile friendly websites available at This website is text but not picture heavy, which iPhone users will appreciate, and offers a list of the best websites in several categories.

4)      We’ve all been sitting around with friends and gotten into a disagreement about some basic fact. How big is the planet Saturn? Who was the 15th President of the United States? provides an incredibly useful mobile site that allows users to answer life’s odd questions without having to run to their computers.

5) provides a great tool for finding a store when you’re away from home. Just type in the ZIP code or city where you are and a list of Starbucks stores comes up. Mmmmm… coffee…

There are a great many other websites that have Mobile compatablity. This list is just my favorites. Keep surfing on the small screen and find cool new websites.

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