Facebook–Not Just for Students Anymore!

facebook1.jpgFacebook was started by a college student, for fellow students.  Now it’s grown to include over 100 million users worldwide. It’s one of the most popular of the social networking sites, and has surpassed MySpace in total users. And since it’s no longer a requirement that you be a student to use Facebook, why not get on board? First, set up a profile on Facebook. Add your picture (or a picture of something you’d like to represent you), and any other information you want to share with friends. Then the fun begins! You can use the search box to look for people you might know, and when you find someone, you can request to be their friend. If they agree to be your friend, you can see each other’s profile and post on each other’s walls! Keep your profile updated, and see what your friends are up to as well. Share pictures from your trip, or of your kids or your pets! You can also search for groups to join or pages to become a fan of. Every kind of hobby or cause seems to have a Facebook group to join. Why not start by becoming a fan of Kent District Library?


Written by Jan


Jan loves books and libraries, and usually visits the local library whenever she travels to a new city. She also loves her Kindle & iPad, and always has something good to read checked out from ebooks.kdl.org.

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4 Responses to “Facebook–Not Just for Students Anymore!”

  1. Craig Says:

    I love Facebook, even though I feel mildly guilty every time I spend more than a few minutes on the site. It can get addicting: “Oooh! I have another comment!” All in all, I think Facebook is a great way to stay in touch (or reconnect) with friends past and present.

  2. Josh Says:

    I am also completely addicted to facebook. I was a big Myspace fan a few years ago and held out for a long time on facebook thinking it was more or less the same thing. However, now that I have finally given it a try I like it way more because it requires much less work to keep it updated. Its well worth joining.

  3. Craig Says:

    Yes, it requires less work than MySpace and it offers a much “cleaner” interface, even taking the new Facebook into consideration. Plus, I don’t have to weed through daily friend requests from “Lulu,” “Ginger,” and a dozen other females, all inviting me to visit their “non-MySpace” profiles.

  4. T.S. Says:

    I met my wife through MySpace, so I’ll always have some loyalty to it. However, I agree with Craig. MySpace has a lot of junk mail, and the crazy profiles with blinking lights and loud music are unpleasant. I’ll probably see you on Facebook soon.