Importing Audiobooks to your iPod

If you prefer to borrow audiobooks from the library rather than downloading, there is a way to transfer the files to your iPod.  These directions are for the iPod using iTunes, but you should be able to adapt to whatever type of MP3 player you might have!

Open iTunes on your computer and insert the first disc into the computer.  If you don’t want a lot of small files, you have the option of joining the CD tracks from the disc into one unit.  (I prefer to do this since I can more easily remember what disc I am currently enjoying.)  To join all the small files into one, select them all (click on the first track, hold down the shift key and then click on the last track) and then click on Advanced, Join CD Tracks.

Next you will want to label the file so it is easy to find.  With the first linked file highlighted, click on File, Information (or Command-I on a Mac) and change or update the Album field to the book’s title and the Artist field to the author’s name.  Also change the genre to Audiobook or Spoken Word and add the disc number since this will affect the order of the files.  Lastly, click on the Options tab and select Yes from the “Remember Position” pop-up menu.  (I also like to add the disc number right after the title.)  Click OK to save all the information.  Now you are ready to click on the Import CD button in the lower right corner.  Repeat for all the discs!

Despite the genre being changed to Audiobook, these files will not show up under the books tab.  You will be able to find them in the general library by sorting by album.  In order for the files to show up under the correct tab, the file type needs to be changed.  There is a handy AppleScript that can be downloaded called Make Bookmarkable.  (I use this on my Mac with no problems.)  Select the files to be changed and then run Make Bookmarkable which changes the file type.  Or check out my next posting in which you will learn how to make a smart playlist!

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Beth is a Librarian at the Gaines Township branch of KDL. She really loves reading, especially all the wonderful teen books, but also enjoys genealogy and crafts!

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